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2010-07-03 14:09:55 by autopilotoff

I need Idea's for art and I need help of you guys for suggestions.


Newgrounds havnt got any 'real' games/films anymore

2010-03-05 12:58:31 by autopilotoff

I was roaming through Newgrounds and noticed this annimation.It looked like it was gunna be awesome but,infact, it was the absolute different.What is the point of making a film if nobody but the gaylords of who have the minds of babies enjoy them?I mean honestly!We would never get those precious moments of our life back so what is the point of wannabes trying to make this place full of crap?I may as well say that Newgrounds is turnin g into the other god damned game sites that everybody will go on because the have the attention span of a goldfish when games and new films are on.Would you ever let your children and your childrens children watch the this crap knowing that you have wasted some of the valuable time of childhood and that you know that they will look back and say "that was the shitest film of the history of shit films!"?

Know i know that im starting to sound like Foamy.But both have the same thing in common.We Tell the mornos of the system that rubbish itmes need to be banned so that we all have a better and more than stupid life-time!

ok.a day till a new age.

2010-01-14 15:59:53 by autopilotoff

birthday tomorrw (the 15th of jan).cant wait

ok.a day till a new age.

straight to the point

2009-10-30 09:10:48 by autopilotoff

i need an game maker to help make my game. i would make it myself but i dont have flash.

if your intrested in making the game with me leave a comment or send me a meesage

i am lookin 4 an animato

2009-09-09 15:43:22 by autopilotoff

IF YOU ARE AN ANIMATOR LOOKING FOR IDEAS I HAVE FOUND YOU AN ANSWER!!!!i am looking for a good animator too make a some flash films with.if you are intrested please leave me comment or send me a message if you dont want to tell the public yet!


2009-08-12 15:49:48 by autopilotoff

me and and my mate,harry(falcolombardi13) and i, are thinking about making a series for newgrounds only. its a mix of madness,halo,violence(the gore kind) and WE would like YOUR say in the matter!

(P.S the series is a tribute to madness. please no not say that we are copying krinkles because we are not copying him whatsoever)